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FAQ - World's leading tour Booking


Top Dose TandMTrips do group tours?

No TandMTrips dealing with the customized tours and if you are having your group we do packages as per your requirement for your group.

Does TandMTrips book only Air Tickets?

TandMTrips does not book only air tickets. In the case of customized holidays, TandMTrips will book the air tickets when you decide to book a holiday package i.e. Air + Hotel / Air + Hotel + Sightseeing, etc. TandMTrips books the air tickets that are part of the tour.

Does TandMTrips process only VISAs?

TandMTrips does only VISAs for our guests. When you a book a tour, TandMTrips act as a facilitator for your VISA process and submits the VISA application on your behalf. In the case of customized holidays.

Is TandMTrips a passport agent?

TandMTrips is not a passport agent. If you would like to apply for an Indian Passport, we suggest visiting this website by the Government of India: Passport

Does TandMTrips book train tickets?

TandMTrips is does not book train tickets with the Indian Railways. If you would like to purchase Indian Railway tickets, we suggest visiting this website by the IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation):Train Booking

Can I join a tour midway or are part tours possible?

Part tours are possible only for select tours. Any deviations from the planned tour itinerary would incur additional charges. Should you wish to do only a part tour or extend your stay before or after a tour, you can check the possibility by informing your travel advisor at the time of booking.

Does the tour itinerary change on tour?

While on tour, the tour itinerary can change at times due to external circumstances pertaining to the airline, hotel, sightseeing, transport or due to force majeure events. In case of any such changes, guests are notified of the change on tour itself.

Can I modify or change my booking after confirmation?

Yes, in select cases, you have the option to modify your booking after confirmation. However, to do so, kindly consult your travel advisor. Any such modifications would incur additional charges.

Tips Before Travel

Bring copies of your passport

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Register with your embassy

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Always have local cash

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